Intex Pool Parts

For over forty years, companies like Intex Recreation Corp crafted and designed a wide selection of recreational products. If you own one of their above ground pool products, you might need Intex above ground pool parts for repairs or for upgrades. This is a complete line of standing and moveable parts and swimming pools. Intex complete catalog of accessories and parts provide pool owners with information on Intex pool replacement parts you may need or if a part was found missing while installation was taking place. Also, several dealers sell or can make special orders for walk-in or existing customers of Intex Above Ground Pools.

Have relevant information such as pool or part name to order or find your Intex pool parts. Other necessary information includes model of the pool and/the serial number, part number and/or where the original purchase was made. To start you search for Intex pool parts and accessories, browse Intex Recreation Corp. central website. The WebStore can be viewed by clicking on the drop down menu on the right of the screen and then choosing Above Ground Pools. This is found under the tab to buy “Replacement parts and accessories or by selecting the link which asks if you need a replacement of a part or accessory for Intex products.

Choose a method to find your part in the catalog. Click on the “Pools” link that is in white and underlined. This is found under the heading Order Parts. Next, type in the part number or pool name in the field: “Search Parts” found on the next page and then select the “Go” button. You can also do a search for your part via associating number or name of a particular Intex pool parts.

Choose a type of pool from the left side of the monitor. The choices are Metal Frame, Easy Set, Rectangular Frame, Ultra Frame and Oval Frame. Choose the highlighted Pools link. Click on the link and refine your search by choosing the size of your swimming pool from the listing of dimensions that emerge following your clicking of the link.

On the pages of the Intex Catalog, look through the Intex pool parts products until you locate the part you’re looking for. If you need instructions on how to get your Intex easy set pool parts; if you have queries about the price of a part; if you want to order a part via telephone; if you have difficulty locating your pool part, call Intex Recreation Corp. near you. Intex have different hotlines depending on what country you are in and you can find that information on their website. You can also contact Intex’s customer service provided at their website to get assistance in your search for Intex pool parts for Intex Above Ground Pools.

In order to find and purchase your Intex pool parts, make contact with the store at which the pool was purchased, check online or check with a retailer pool or pool parts in your area. When you contact the store from which the pool was purchased, please give the model number, the part number, and also the name in which the pool was bought, along with invoice number. This will assist the store owner or sales agent to locate the part in or to use previous order records to cross reference against the associated parts.